Sourcing Parts

As our Triumphs get older so does it get harder to find parts. Here in Christchurch, we are down to a couple of service garages who hold second hand parts for Triumphs *see below.
The club has published a directory of recommended suppliers and services in the Christchurch area by our very own members. If you think it could be useful to you, download it here (MS Word 18k)

*For expert mechanical repairs, rebuilds and s/h Triumph parts see Darryl Wykes of Economy Auto Repairs. Darryl holds an extensive range of new and used Triumph saloon parts plus exchange assemblies for DIY. Will courier small parts within NZ.Economy Auto Repairs, 5 Opawa Rd, Christchurch. Ph/Fax 366 2231
Email: (parts inquiries only please)Saloon range:
Used parts – window glass, windscreens (front and heated rear). Whole doors (F & R and both sides), boot lids and bonnets. Wipers, any body fittings, grilles (early and later), beams, tail and indicator lights (all lenses). Bumper bars, body cuts (panels), all engine components. Seats, door panels, carpets. Steering wheels. Dash, gauges, all switches, autos, manuals, diffs, axles. Steering racks, p/steering, suspension components. Electrical; alternators, starter motors. Carbs; SU’s, Strombergs 1.5 and 1.75. Recondition to order (some exchange units).
New parts – gasket sets, brake parts, steering, suspension, hoses (radiator), distributor caps, headlight units, bulbs.
Toledo: limited parts.
Herald: suspension and trunnion kits, ball joints, brake pads.

There are a handful of commercial and private suppliers of specific Triumph parts – and as members recommend them the details will be included on this page:If you need any Bits and Bobs for HERALDS, SPITTIES, GT6 or VITESSES give me a call. I work in Auckland and can deliver most parts on a Monday if I get your order by the weekend. But if you need something in a hurry mid week before I return to Cambridge then I can arrange couriers or truck. Ring Joh Hills, mobile 025 796 418. Email:
Quite a few members have contacted the club recently, asking for information on buying Triumph parts from overseas. By far the easiest way is using the internet – various vendors have websites, although all accept phone and fax orders as well. In all cases, a credit card is by far the best way to pay.Some firms have a policy of always shipping via registered courier – safe and fast but quite expensive; if you’re not in a hurry, many firms will post by standard mail (normally or on request), which is safe and may take a couple of weeks.
A good place to start is This site will take you to a listing of UK suppliers who trade over the internet. Perhaps the best site to start at is Rimmer Brothers; they have a wide range of standard and reproduction parts for many models, with good illustrations. You can also order very good bound catalogues and a price list.Several parts suppliers, such as Revington TR, Cambridge Motorsport, Racetorations and TR Bitz specialise in performance and racing parts as well as standard stock.
Performance parts include strengthened components for engine, transmission and suspension, not just Ego-faster-goodies’ and are worth considering for an old(ish) on modern roads. Moss (the UK version, owned by Moss USA) have a Triumphtune arm, which sells standard and performance parts. Their website doesn’t have the full Triumphtune catalogue, but it can be ordered from the site, and makes for fascinating if slightly drool-inducing reading.What about tax? In NZ we don’t have to pay the UK’s VAT tax, but if your parcel comes to over NZ$400 including freight when it lands here, Customs may hold it and bill you for GST (@ 12.5%) on the price and freight cost. So it’s sometimes worthwhile breaking orders up into installments, as long as that doesn’t in turn may the freight too expensive.What if the part arrives damaged or it’s the wrong bit? Most exporters have facilities to refund or replace damaged or incorrect parts, but there are no guarantees – we’re on the other side of the world, after all.
Cardinal Triumph [Stag, Saloons, Spitfire]
Fax: +44 191 478 4739
Rimmer Brothers [Almost everything]
Fax: +44 (0)1522 567600
Moss [TRs, Spitfire, GT6]
Fax: +44 (020) 8867 2030
Triumphtune [TRs, Saloons, Spitfire, GT6, Sprint]
Fax: +44 (181) 940 9268
Revington TR [TRs]
Fax: +44 1823 698109
Canley Classics [Everything except TR7 & sidescreens]
Fax: +44 (1676) 542 099
We offer genuine sellers and buyers wanting parts the option to advertise on our website – but they must be within New Zealand.
Submit the complete advert (no banners) to us using our online form and we’ll advertise it for 4 weeks (longer by request).Online ads also appear in our monthly newsletter if space permits. This offers the seller a good chance of finding a new enthusiastic owner for their Triumph or a buyer looking for specific parts. Placing a ‘wanted’ ad can also help you find that part you’re looking for.

For buying and selling, we also recommend the BUY SELL EXCHANGE.


Or, try the national TRADE EXCHANGE which has a comprehensive listing of old and new vehicles.


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