John’s TR6

Our 1970 TR6 was purchased from Terry Cartwright at Renown Triumph. Terry had pulled the car apart and reconditioned the engine, gearbox and diff. There was still the bodywork, brakes, clutch and suspension to do.

We pulled the car totally apart and started again apart from what Terry had reconditioned. This started with sandblasting the chassis and sodablasting the body and repairing the welds on the chassis. This was followed by brakes, cylinders and hoses, etc. Clutch, suspension, petrol tank pump were all reconditioned.

We then moved back to the body for repainting. This was undertaken by a professional painter Jim Hauschild who is also a member of the club. He also owns a Vitesse which he is restoring and was painted with a 2 pack & lacquer finish. Jim painted the TR6 in pieces. This process took about 4 weeks which enabled me to work on the chassis and other components in the meantime. Finally the big day arrived and we bolted the body to chassis, fitted the doors which is controlled by packers between the chassis and body and quite tricky to get right. Lots of trial and error with the added worry of trying not to mark the new paint while this was going on!

The bonnet and boot lid including the rubber seals were next on the list to be fitted. The remade hood was then bolted on and fitted. We then hired an engine hoist to lift the motor and gearbox into the car which was a tight squeeze but eventually got it in place.

From here we moved onto the dashboard and instrument panel which was reconditioned by Parrotts. Fitting these parts to a TR6 is a very frustrating and time consuming job. It was now time to fit the wiring loom to the car. This job was undertaken by Renown Triumph where all electrics were connected up and the motor started. I was in Australia with my wife while this was going on and it was nice to come back to a running car!

All of the interior was fitted next in final preparations for certification because the TR6 was originally a left hand drive vehicle. The process turned into a three week ordeal; the car passed with flying colours but the paper work took time to process. Still we got there.

A considerable number of parts were required for the car which were all purchased from Renown Triumph – three quotes were obtained before anything was purchased. We had little mechanical knowledge to begin with and often it took up to three times to get it right!

It helps when undertaking a restoration to have an understanding wife with a sense of humour. I worked about 7 hours a day for 6-7 months to restore this beautiful TR6. Any restoration involves many skills and many thanks to all the people for the help I received. The end result is a great Triumph which I use as much as I can and enjoy immensely.

John Ruske.

You can view the pictures of it’s restoration below.

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